From the desk of Chris Traxler:

I’m an engineer and an entrepreneur at heart.

As Founder and CEO at Cirrus Technologies, I‘ve found a way to be both of these things.

My love for technology started with my first computer back in 1991, when I saw the power of personal computing and how it could literally transform our lives and open the door to new opportunities and possibilities that previously didn’t exist - transforming the world.

Now more than ever we all depend on technology to help manage as well as run our lives and our businesses: from our smartphones, tablets, email, and internet of things, to big data, and on-demand information at your fingertips. What I find most exciting is that the technology industry literally re-invents itself every 3-5 years.

I founded Cirrus Technologies to help businesses harness and leverage technology to their advantage. Our business model is aligned with the needs of our clients first. The most common mistake I’ve seen many IT companies make is that their business was designed around a technology – a “widget”. At Cirrus Technologies, our IT Services practice starts with service. The first two immutable laws of our company are:

  • “Good ain’t good enough” - We always seek excellence – to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver WOW. We utilize Continuous Improvement to refine our service offering, and are always asking ourselves “How can we make it better?”
  • “Innovate or die” – We always seek to stay at the edge of the market, staying ahead of the curve with new products and services, and innovating as the market evolves and changes.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your business. I like to stay connected with clients and partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 937-875-9339.

About Chris:

Chris is a passionate entrepreneur, having successfully launched multiple start-up businesses across several industries. Chris earned his B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, is a licensed private pilot, and is married with five children. In his time away from the office, Chris is active in Youth Ministry, is an avid outdoorsman, and enjoys quality time with his two boys and three girls.